Service Overview

Sensor Networks smartPIMS Modbus non-intrusive ultrasonic corrosion/erosion monitoring system connects directly to a PC or laptop to take isolated measurements, or integrates with your SCADA/DCS system for polling at any user -defined timeinterval.
Data can be readily transmitted to webPIMS, a cloud based back-end for analysis and trending, or simply exported to XML or CSV as necessary for reporting purposes.

  • Up to 32 units connect on multi-drop network extending as far as 1000’ (305m)
  • Offers 16 single- or 8 dual-element UT probe channels
    Transducers available to withstand -22°F (-30°C) to
    932°F (500°C)
  • Maintains 1 mil (0.001” / 0.025mm) precision and
    0.040” (1mm) minimum wall thickness
  • Sensors install buried or above-ground, temporarily or
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