Insulation Maintenance

NURI CERAH SDN BHD is a PETRONAS licensed company in Insulation Maintenance which covers Hot Insulation, Cold Insulation, Personal Protection and also Acoustics Insulation. The Vital Components in Insulation Maintenance are (Rockwool,Ceramic Fibre Calcium Silicate, Polyurethane & etc) as well as Cladding Material (Stainless Steel,Aluminium & etc).

Ndt Inspection

Non-destructive testing from Nuri Cerah Sdn Bhd – ensures the safe and efficient operation of your equipment and assets by detecting defects before they result in severe damage, and assures compliance with international standards.

Pipeline Inspection & Maintenance

Provision of necessary equipment, personnel, materials and consumables for the maintenance of LGAST pipelines at Labuan and SBGAST pipelines at Kota Kinabalu for both civil and structural/pipeline discipline.

Blasting Painting

NURI CERAH SDN BHD is one of the provider for upstream and downstream surface preparation, surface protection services – coating, fireproofing, deploying & Scaffolding. We have been decisive and implemental in the progress in this field and provide our customers with the most diverse solutions for a cost-efficient and long-lasting protection of their installations.
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